Drone Training in the North West

Cambridge UAV Academy will be holding another 2-day theory course in Chester.

The Cambridge Academy Proof of Competency (CAP-C) course covers everything you need to know in order to operate a drone for commercial purposes under UK Aviation Law.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a CAP-C Certificate – the qualification you need to apply for a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The CAP-C course entails a 2-day theory ground school culminating in a theory examination, before producing an Operations Manual and taking a practical flight test.

Candidates will have demonstrated their understanding of the rules and regulations governing the commercial use of drones through the 2-day theory ground school.

Course agenda

Day one:

Remote Pilot Theoretical Knowledge and General Airmanship featuring:

  • Air law and responsibilities
  • UAS airspace operating principles
  • Airmanship and aviation safety
  • Human factors
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation and aviation charts
  • Aircraft knowledge
  • Operating procedures

Day two:

  • Refresher on day one subjects
  • Practical exercises
  • Video presentations
  • Question and answers session to cover any queries arising from day one
  • Operations Manual instruction
  • Multiple choice examinations based on day 1 syllabus
  • Collection of completed papers
  • Questions arising from examinations

The venue is The Racecourse, Chester, CH1 2LY.

Course date: 22nd & 23rd August 2017.

Book your place on the Chester August course by contacting the Academy on 01480 493800 (Option 2) or by emailing the team at info@cuava.co.uk.

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