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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and National Air Traffic Services (NATS) have launched a new website, Dronesafe.uk. The site is designed to help ensure drone users have easy access to information on how to fly their drones safely and legally.

In the last few years, the UK has seen an exponential rise in private and commercial drone use. And with it, an equally sharp growth in the drone industry.

There has never been a greater need to make sure drone use is legal & safe.

Dronesafe.co.uk “aims to ensure drone operators have the correct information needed to have fun flying, whilst minimising the risk to other aircraft and people.”

Six steps to ensure you fly a drone safely & legally

The website includes a ‘Drone code’, which emphasises six steps that hobbyists and commercial UAV pilots should stick to when operating a drone:

  1. Always keep your drone in sight: this means you can see and avoid other things while flying:
  2. Stay below 400ft (120m) to comply with the Dronecode: this reduces the likelihood of a conflict with manned aircraft
  3. Every time you fly your drone you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions: keep your drone, and the people around you, safe
  4. Keep the right distance from people and property (for people and property, this is 150ft/50 meters. For Crowds and built up areas, 500ft/150 meters)
  5. You are responsible for each flight: legal responsibility lies with you. Failure to fly responsibly could result in criminal prosecution
  6. Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields: if your drone endangers the safety of an aircraft it is a criminal offence and you could go to prison for five years

The website also includes a resources page, which supplies pilots with useful links to relevant videos, research and information.

Visit the Dronesafe website

Cambridge UAV Academy work hard to ensure those who fly a drone do so safely and legally. Find out more here.

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