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Don’t unpack until you’ve read this!

To the uninitiated, it would seem nothing could be simpler than unpacking your new drone in the garden, street or local park, and simply flying it around taking pictures or video. Yet, the truth is a different picture, and is … Read More

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New drone regulations March 2019

The CAA has published the latest amendments to the Air Navigation Order 2016 in CAP1763. Commercial drone operators must ensure that their operation and all procedural documents are updated to comply with the latest revisions. CAP 1763 details the changes … Read More

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New Name for CUAVA

Regular visitors to our site will have noticed a small change to our company name. CUAVA started many years ago as part of Cambridge UAV and became the Cambridge UAV Academy. Our familiar logo was seen regularly at exhibitions and … Read More

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Drone Users post Gatwick 2018

Drone Users post Gatwick 2018 Christmas 2018 will be remembered by approximately 140,000 people as the festive season ruined by a drone. Sightings of a drone over Gatwick Airport prompted its’ closure for 3 days Speculation on who the perpetrators … Read More

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It’s All Change at Coverdrone

Some exciting news from one of our partners… It’s All Change at Coverdrone Here at Coverdrone we understand that drone insurance requirements can differ on a daily basis and that a 12-month policy is not suitable for everyone. We have … Read More

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New International Standards for commercial drone operators?

With over 1.5 million drones predicted to have been sold this Christmas, there is no doubt that the drone industry is growing at an incredible rate. Almost 80 years after the first ever drone was developed in 1939 by UAV … Read More

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